Aerial photogrammetry.


Aerial Images



Export of results.

Architectural design.

Acquisition of aerial images through the use of drones and planes   can detect large areas.

Image processing through the use of workstations for the calculation of point clouds.

Export of results in compatible format processing programs   CAD and GIS .

A team of architects also deals with architectural design with the BIM system .


dense cloud.


In order to determine the position in space of the generic object, it is necessary to have at least TWO PHOTOS of the same taken from two points located at a known distance from each other.






The result of the alignment is the generation of a scattered point cloud .







The depths of each frame to be combined into a single one are calculated on the basis of the estimated shooting positions


nuvola di punti sparsa
Nuvola di punti densa


Mesh 3D
Mesh piena


The 3D polygon mesh representing the surface of an Object of or or relief from the triangulation and interpolation of dense point cloud.




They are sets of triangles or mesh of quadrilaterals with ANY wherein a curved surface is modeled.


A vertex is a position in space.


An edge connects two vertices together.


A face is the flat surface enclosed between three edges.

Ground Control Point.

Mesh con GCP
Ground Control Point

Coordinate system WGS 84 / UTM zone 32N


REF.                   1054


Longitude        450835.845


Latitude          450835.845


m SLM             206407




The points of the topographic support network are now inserted in the process through the use of MARKERS to increase the precision of the three-dimensional model .


The chambers will then be optimized and the model will be scaled on the basis of the detected GCPs .


Digital Elevation Model.

DSM (Digital Surface Model) e

DTM (Digital Terrain Model) are two typical representations of the distribution of the shares of a territory in 2D digital format.



They are georeferenced maps in space and therefore, like orthophotos, rich in information .





The images acquired by the aerial platform have been ORTORETIFIED to return a very high resolution mosaic.



These raster designs are very useful for conducting analyzes and studies on vegetation, urban greenery, water and impermeable areas.









The large INFORMATION DETAIL contained in the images will allow, for example, to evaluate all the urban elements such as: roofs of buildings, urban and private greenery, appurtenances of houses, infrastructures, areas of naturalistic interest and internal waters.


Volumetric calculations.

Computo Volumetrico
Computo volumetrico
Computo volumetrico

With the aid of the software it is also possible to use the data provided by the aerial photogrammetric survey to, for example, determine the PERIMETER , AREA , and VOLUME of a hypothetical excavation, carryover and any computable element in the 3D model (as shown in the images alongside).










PERIMETER : 36.060 m


AREA : 45.668 m 2


VOLUME : 33.114 m3





The generation of the point cloud through the survey carried out by drone, allows you to export all the sections that you need in each point of the model.


The high precision achieved makes it possible to subsequently create specialized papers to be used in the design or delivery phase.






Curve di livello


Thanks to the generation of the orthophoto it is possible to export DSM and DTM level curves.

Level curves.